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The areas of intervention of the law firm

Maître Thierry EDMOND is a general practitioner in Strasbourg and offers his services in private law and public law. He provides you with advice and support, among other things, in the following areas
What we are expert at

Legal Practices Area

Commercial & Corporate

• Advice (for the creation and during the life of your business)
• Drafting of deeds (statutes, assignments, minutes)
• Businesses in difficulty – Business safeguard measures
• Commercial bankruptcy

Divorce by Mutual Consent

• Divorce by mutual consent
• Divorce by mutual consent with legal aid
• Divorce by mutual consent with legal protection

Over-indebtedness of individuals and civil bankruptcy

• Advice in case of non-payment
• Accompaniment and assistance before the Courts

Human rights protections

• Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights

Transport law and customs law

• Road, river, sea and air transport
• Transport insurance law
• Import and export formalities
• Customs procedures
• Criminal customs law

Intellectual property

• Trademark law
• Communication law
• Literary works

Consumer and advertising law

• Physical, remote, Internet sales
• Rules relating to lotteries
• Advertising rules

Sports law

• Clubs, sports federations (drafting of statutes, disciplinary regulations, internal regulations, etc.)
• Advertising contracts – television rights
• Employment contracts

Banking and finance law

• Real estate loan
• Consumer loan
• Revolving loan
• Bridging loan

Rural and agricultural law

• Life of agricultural businesses (rural leases, environmental rules, easements, CAP, etc.)
• Social protection
• Businesses in difficulty

Labor law and social protection

• Acts relating to the operation of the company (eg employment contracts, company agreements, elections of staff representatives, union negotiations, breach of contract, moral and sexual harassment, etc.)
• Disciplinary procedures (disciplinary sanctions, dismissals)
• Judgment work, incapacity, occupational disease

Civil service law

• Access to the civil service
• Progress and end of the career
• Disciplinary measures (permanent and non-permanent agents)
• University disciplinary measures relating to students