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From the first appointment, Maître EDMOND will discuss with you the often delicate question of fees. Often, the lawyer has the reputation of being expensive, but it should be remembered that the fees are fixed according to the known elements of your file and pay for work, advice, which enlightens you and can save you a lot of inconvenience.

"Lump sum" fees

Maître EDMOND will set a predictable number of hours required to process your file. The hourly rate will also be agreed upon.

"Result" Fees

It is possible to agree on a “result” fee, which allows the lawyer to receive an additional fee, calculated according to the result obtained.


If you regularly need the advice of your lawyer, he can conclude a subscription contract, generally annual.


Legal Aid

If you need the assistance of your lawyer, but if your resources do not allow it, you can benefit from the legal aid which is partially or totally covered by the State.
Conditions for granting legal aid:

The Legal Protection Guarantee

The legal protection guarantee covers all or part of your lawyer’s fees. It can be taken out with your insurance (home, automobile, bank card, etc.).
Ask your insurer or your bank to find out if you are covered and if so, check the extent of the protection, because not all disputes are covered.